About the journey

There are still so many undiscovered corners in this world. Unseen beauty. Steps yet to be stepped.

Places to be explored. Sometimes we will meet people to accompany us on our travels.

New faces with unique stories that shine through their eyes. New friends with whom you can conquer new peaks.

Count shooting stars. Watch wild animals in awe. Or simply bask in the sunlight warming the beach.

They are the ones who enrich our travel experiences. They are the ones who are enriching my life story.

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Dream. Dare. Live.

Nothing is eternal. No moment. No second. Each experience that life offers us is given only once. We must live it to the fullest. Live without regrets, but instead with joy, happiness, satisfaction. Dream. Dare. Live. Do what you’ve always desired but never had the courage to do. Don’t let that enthusiasm vanish. You’ll never know how much happiness it could bring you. There is no telling what you’d learn or how much brighter your days would be. Don’t let it slip away. Live. Allow that smile of wonderment to light your face.

Anja Kovačič