Imade up my mind as I walked from Portorož to Savudrija. When crossing the Slovenian-Croatian border, I decided to take the last train. Not back to Slovenia, but far far away, to Down Under, to Australia. 

It has been almost three months since I boarded the plane and set out into the unknown. Alone. Without a plan, which I had grown so accustomed to always have. Just once in a lifetime. Only once, you get to seize the opportunity to work, travel and explore freely, yet absolutely legally. In a promised land, where it is always warm, where milk and honey flow, where people really enjoy their lives. I had set off on the journey holding such an impression in my mind. 

I stopped in Singapore for a few days and on Bali for a week, among other things, to cope with the then nine-hour time difference. When the day merely begins in Slovenia, it slowly comes to an end here. Especially now, in winter, when the days are a little shorter and the sun dips into the ocean at about 5 pm. 

Tropical Queensland

Botanical Park in Cairns

Tropic Queensland, as they call the north-eastern part of the island, was the place where my adventure and the leap into the unknown began. Blue skies and the shining sun, endless sandy beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, hours and hours of diving and myriad mosquitos. This is what I had expected. And, last but not least, a dream job that I would be offered every step of the way. 

I was thrilled to finally be here. In the country with no stress, of laid-back sitting under palm trees, carefree beach walks, and beautiful waterfalls in the rainforest. Cairns is a slowly developing city thanks to easy access to the Great Barrier Reef. I like it. 

It is a small city, with no skyscrapers, unnecessary shopping malls,

no concrete jungle.

It is a small city, with no skyscrapers, unnecessary shopping malls, no concrete jungle. Surrounded by green hills, mangroves and blue skies. Instead of pigeons, white cockatoos with yellow crests and colourful parrots dominate the skies. At dusk, the birds sing their songs. The cuckoos remind us that they are still the loudest. Although greater in numbers, the meek crickets stand no chance, futilely chirping in the hot night without a breeze. Looking at these natural wonders, everyone will surely feel like embarking on a journey.

Past waterfalls and rocky pools created by rivers.

Past waterfalls and rocky pools created by rivers meandering their way down to the valley, past lakes where crocodiles thrive. When one embarks on a journey, one is warned of countless perils lurking around Queensland. Something venomous or dangerous.

Tropical beaches around Cairns

One may encounter a venomous snake, get tangled in thorny branches of a toxic tree, or find yourself in a giant spider web. Yet one says: “Not me. I will not meet them”. The next day, a black snake appeared in front of my house. Was it venomous? 

Published on, May 3, 2019


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