Last seen

amazing destinations

I don’t have my favourite country. But there are some that they carry

a special place in my heart. About those ones I will write here.

Every country you will read about, it’s nature and people,

they left some unforgetable marks in my life.

  • Avstralija

    I made up my mind as I walked from Portorož to Savudrija. When crossing the Slovenia-Croatia border, I decided to take the last train. Not back to Slovenia, but far far away, to Down Under, to Australia.

  • Avstralija

    Nisem ponosna, da sem potrebovala leto dni, da sem jo prebrala, ponosna sem, da je bila z mano na tej poti. Nekako se mi je v tem letu dni toliko dogajalo, da enostavno nisem imela (no, nisem si vzela) dovolj

  • Solomon Islands

    Living the dream, you say? There are definitely worst places to get stuck in, a statement I hear very often. I'm can't complain, far from it. I'm truly enjoying it. And if I'm being totally honest, I've been living this

  • Solomon Islands

    I think I found the name for my firstborn child. A cyclone, which slowly formed in the middle of the ocean, not far from the Solomon Islands, has unexpectedly developed into a real troublemaker even before it traveled away from

It’s never too late

for new experiences

Every morning I wake up to an unknown day. New day for which I don’t know what is bringing me. I like it that way. No expectations. No plans. No fear, what will happen if it doesn’t happen. Our ways are unknown strangers. I believe their destiny is written somehwere. But it’s on us to create the real experience. We decide how much joy and happiness we will indulge in every second, that is trying to fullfill us. Ups and downs, disappointments, happiness, love and good luck. All those little moments are my life. This is my way.

“The way that leads nowhere else but to another path and that one again to another croessroads. Endless paths. Freedom in its most perfect meaning.”


̴  Nejc Zaplotnik, The Way  ̴