This idea has been growing for many years. To collect my thoughts, my feelings, new things I have learnt about myself and others engaging with the world and its people. It is about inspiration that bolts at me from the blue. My travels, which are an immutable part of me have availed the chance to meet unique people, who despite our differences, have needed each other so very much. I hope that this place, my most intimate corner should help everyone who needs courage. Support. Understanding. Acceptance. To be heard. Maybe this place will help those who are only a step away from true happiness but don't know how, when or why to take the step. Let it encourage you to believe, we can reach our dreams. That we can be happy.

Last written words

Our eyes are endlessly exploring. May they see more than what is in front of them.

  • I’m not a fan of big cities. Even Ljubljana is too big for me. But when you travel and discover new places, you’re open to anything. Even multi-million cities. Like Brisbane.

  • I wouldn’t say a typical day. Just an average day. Like many people around the world, I have been taken a bit by the corona spontaneity. I could say disorganization, but spontaneity sounds much better.

  • I think I found the name for my firstborn child. A cyclone, which slowly formed in the middle of the ocean, not far from the Solomon Islands, has unexpectedly developed into a real troublemaker even before it traveled away from

  • Living the dream, you say? There are definitely worse places to get stuck in, is a statement I hear very often. I can't complain, far from it. I'm truly enjoying it. And if I'm being totally honest, I've been living

  • The Fiji tradition goes that everyone who comes to the village for the first time, has to present the village chief with gifts. He is the boss. The leader, if you don’t want to be too old-fashioned in words. And

  • Hot. Sunny. Humid. Finally, real summer! Kind and happy people. Bula here, Bula there. Compared to Australia, when asking, “How are you?” I always get an honest answer, one that expresses Fijian love for life: “Wonderful! Another fine day ahead!”

  • Nisem ponosna, da sem potrebovala leto dni, da sem jo prebrala, ponosna sem, da je bila z mano na tej poti. Nekako se mi je v tem letu dni toliko dogajalo, da enostavno nisem imela (no, nisem si vzela) dovolj

  • I’m thinking. Yes, even this happens sometimes. I’m thinking why I’m sitting in long pants and a sweater in the middle of summer, in one of the driest regions of Australia. Australia, the driest continent, experiencing climate change like other