I’m not proud of the fact that it took me a year to read it, I’m proud it accompanied me on this journey. Somehow, so many things happened to me this year, that I simply didn’t have (or rather, didn’t take) enough time to read it. I did read it slowly, savoring it, slowly with intention, so that, with perseverance and determination, it helped me reach the end of the road of (in-depth) self-discovery.   

It spent the first three – the most intense three – years of turning thirty with me. I got it for my 30th birthday from my dearest friends; those that know me well enough to know it’ll keep me company on my crazy journey. Whichever journey it happened to be. They didn’t know then, even I didn’t know then, that I would soon be spending a year in Australia. 

On Lake Pertobe in Warrnambool

Gibson's Steps - Great Ocean Road

I lie by the lake, on the green grass next to the ocean (it’s a rarity in Australia), devouring the last hundred pages. Not only is my ultrablues ending on the tourist-favorite Great Ocean Road, I will also be turning 33 in 20 days. I got the book as a gift three years ago. It’s a shame I haven’t read it until now, but it must have been so for a reason. 

Thank you, Australia.

Thank you, mate!

Boštjan, Samo and Žiga kept me company on the road when I needed it. Kept my spirits up with their words and gave me hope when I was going through tough days. And, with their (and my, of course) determination brought me to the moment when I can honestly say I enjoy the solitude.

Sunset at the 12 Apostles

Tom and Eva

It doesn’t mean that I don’t like company, it means I enjoy my own: My company and my solitude. It allows me to discover myself. My ideas. Challenges. I’m discovering what I want from myself and where my next step would take me. I’m discovering my weaknesses and salute to my strengths, which brought me to where I am today: When I’m enjoying reading a powerful book (in length and substance) about perseverance, determination, motivation, support, cooperation, communal spirit, and individualism, about the role and importance of family and belonging. About friendship and comradery. About important moments in life, when we simply have to set ourselves free and think about ourselves. 

The Grotto

Loch Ard Gorge - Port Campbell National Park

Thank you, Australia. Thank you, Australians. Thank you to all the immigrants, the many Slovenians who made my Australian journey special. Who made it possible. Without the help of Jana and Andrej, my journey would have probably been different. Harder. They offered me a helping hand, both hands actually, and their heart, when I desperately needed them most. Genuinely, thank you.  

“Thank you to every corner of this otherwise mysteriously predictable nature, which taught me how to appreciate what I have back home.”

Thank you to every single stranger who greeted me and asked me how I am, even though they weren’t really interested in knowing. Thank you to all the travelers who cursed this promise land with me and enjoyed the fruits it offered us, including the cheap pineapple from the market. Oh, how I’ll miss the fresh tropical fruitThank you to every corner of this otherwise mysteriously predictable nature, which taught me how to appreciate what I have back home. And last but not least, thank you to my family and true friends, for always standing by my side and believing in me. For supporting me on another one of my ‘ultrablues’, that didn’t give me the blues.


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